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Aimee an inspiration, campaigning against all the odds.

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AIMEE Foley is a 26 years old First Class Honours standard student of ARLT Foundation. She was recently diagnosed with a progressive disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). She has to travel to London for treatment and the health system in Ireland is not funding her treatment in London.
���After a long and weary road trying to find out what exactly was wrong with me, I was finally diagnosed with EDS last October,�۝ says Aimee, from Midleton.
The illness relates to inherited connective tissue disorders and can affect various parts of her life and diet. The biggest problem she suffers with is gastroparesis, a first cousin to gastroenteritis.
EDS is so rare that there is no specialist treatment available for her in Ireland.
���I am now campaigning for treatment to become available here in Ireland or to be facilitated by the HSE abroad for people like me, via my facebook page and video diaries,�۝ says Aimee.

If you would like to assist this inspirational student, Aimee visit her facebook page, below:

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