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About The ARLT

The ARLT Foundation is a non-profit organisation, founded in The Hague, The Netherlands to promote reflective adult learning programmes that encourage cultural understanding and tolerance. The ARLT foundation provides guidance and support to institutes, schools and organisations that are developing initiatives for tolerance, peace and conflict resolution.

The ARLT Foundation presents highly regarded teaching programmes through the medium of face to face lectures & tutor assisted e-learning/distance  to students all over the world.  Through an innovative and progressive tuition model,  the ARLT Foundation promotes  reflective learning and teaching which encourages the development in the individual of a deep consciousness of their capacity for professional, academic and  personal growth. The ARLT Foundation’s Reflective Learning Model is designed to kindle a passion for inspirational learning and is meeting the requirements of the 21st. century learner and teacher. The   ARLT programmes are predominantly designed for those already working in a professional manner who may need to update their knowledge in a specific area or in this case for people in leadership positions who work within multicultural organisations and need a social scientific background in the area of diversity, counselling skills and mentoring. Institutions awarding credits for applicants with an The ARLT qualifications are requested in each case, to seek an individualised end of study report for RPL policy (Recognition for Prior Learning policy). Further information can be requested at:

We provide:

  • Educational programmes in the social sciences, peace studies and counselling and support to organisations, communities and individuals involved in peace and tolerance initiatives
  • Programmes  through e-learning for students whereby the emphasis is not on educational  credential but on the individual's learning and growth mindset
  • Partial Scholarships for our educational programmes in developing countries
  • Partial Grant assistance for our programmes in member states of the European Union
  • Provide a safe and nurturing educational space for those who may have previously experienced educational trauma, including anxiety and emotional stress in learning

We aim to:

  • Make available a  strong support mechanism including, tutors,  advisors and counsellors to ensure our students  can gain valuable skills that greatly enhance employability, career options and prospects
  • Promote  new and innovative  reflective educational models
  • Help people to improve interpersonal communication and problem solving skills
  • Inspire communities to continue to work and study in the area of tolerance and intercultural understanding
  • Encourage the involvement of local communities in inter-cultural education and conflict resolution
  • Improve self esteem, confidence and allow people to feel their uniqueness as well as respecting the rich diversity that exists in the world
  • Assist people to listen empathically and to communicate with authenticity in a caring world
  • Challenge prejudicial myths and perceptions
  • Disseminate information on inter-cultural dialogue to organisations and community groups
  • Introduce people into an innovative community of learning and personal development where the seeds of the joy and love of learning are sewn


The International Foundation for the Advancement of Reflective Learning and Teaching (ARLT-Foundation) was founded in response to world conflicts and a demand for a new framework in education. The ARLT Foundation formulated a vision of the human community based upon the belief that a reflective educational model which encourages dialogue and principles of respect, understanding and tolerance has the power to transform unjust social structures.

The ARLT Foundation envisages an education in which understanding is nurtured alongside academic excellence, compassion is nurtured alongside competence and tolerance is developed in a quest for knowledge. it is not simply enough to encourage individuals to participate in professional and lifelong learning programmes but  it must encourage them to create and develop an image of humanity in the future and provide the skills and means that  can be drawn upon  on to get there.

ARLT provides platforms in which the love of learning is sewn and where values such as peace, co-existence and kindness are encouraged. The ARLT Foundation is a vision-based organisation that encourages participation in education which contributes to cultural understanding. We provide encouragement and support to people throughout the world who are promoting cultural understanding in their homes and communities. The ARLT programmes are particularly beneficial to those who may have had a negative experience in standard education and who may have suffered from emotional stress and anxiety during their learning experiences. The ARLT Foundation encourages students to develop confidence, self-esteem and a growth mindset.

From the outset, there has been a great welcome to the concept of The ARLT Foundation in many countries throughout the world, especially in areas where peaceful coexistence has many obstacles. Further information can be requested at:

Hear from some of our past students

"The Dip Social Studies Programme was excellent, it was delivered with passion and warmness that changed my whole vision on diversity, culture and education. I highly recommended the programme."

Juergen Erhmann

"I wish to congratulate you and all your staff members in providing access to a thoroughly relevant and life-changing programme of education."

Alexander Woode

"Many thanks for your assistance throughout the course. I must confess that I really appreciated advice and contributions. Despite the fact that I had a background in Social Sciences having graduated with honours in Educational Management and Political Science and with a masters degree in International Relations, I still benefitted immensely from the course. It stimulated my interest in Social Care."

Tayo Tewogbade, MSc, MEd. Hons.

"I’ve found the course tremendously helpful in my writing. To have an understanding of how society works - or doesn’t work - and what makes people behave the way they do is invaluable, and it has definitely encouraged me to observe people in different ways."

Terri Shoosmith

"I applied to college to study Social Science and I was given a place on a degree course, I just want to thank you, as my tutor you have helped me progress in an area of writing essays etc and that was on my entrance exam, one of the essays was on culture of the world. I wouldn't have been accepted without your positive and excellent feedback. Thank you so much"

Trisha M.

"Dear Tutor, I’d like you to know this course has given me renewed self confidence, boosted my self esteem and hopes for the future. It has also been a source of great joy and happiness for both me and my wife when the results arrived."

The ARLT Difference

Individualised Discourse Approach

The ARLT is unique in each student is allocated not only a tutor but also a student counsellor who will assist the student throughout the programme.

The ARLT programmes are about enriching human lives. This is done through discourse and extension of the humanistic ideals which includes attitudes of care, trust, empathy, positive regard, and respect for the learner. This novel approach you will not have seen anywhere before.

The ARLT Foundation’s success is in no small part due to the commitment of tutors. This is also why ARLT programmes are valued so much. The relationship between the tutor and student is of major significance to the ARLT philosophy.The tutor’s role is to ensure  student develop a passion and excitement  for learning and to anchor the learning process by providing a hands-on approach to issues as well as challenges. The ARLT  tutors allow flexibility to meet the demands of individual students who have diverse educational backgrounds and past experience.

The ARLT has considerable experience in reflective learning and teaching and the ARLT programme format is designed to provide students with the opportunity to engage in a highly personal way not only with the specific course subjects but with the many issues that confront us in the twenty first century.

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible -- the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing home. The ARLT Foundation is nurturing, fresh and innovative, join us today.

International Approach

You will graduate as a citizen of the world and join students from all over the world. In an increasingly global world it is essential to have a qualification that illustrates your willingness to participate in an education programme that instills diversity skills, cultural understanding and an international outlook. For non-native English speakers the programme will allow your develop your written language skills to a level required at Master’s level. (IELTS 6.5) For native English speakers your writing skills will greatly improve.

The possibilities are endless after you have graduated. Many students who already have a Bachelor's degree use their ARLT studies  to assist them to work towards a Master’s degree or for those who have not had the opportunity to reach a Bachelor's level use their studies as a foundation for university education without having to incur a huge financial investment. You could commence a new rewarding career or use your skills for success/promotion in your present career while simply being aware that you have gained a grounding in relevant areas to have a more meaningful understanding of your life and society.

Incomparable Value

The ARLT Foundation is a non-profit organisation with roots in education since 1985, founded in The Hague, the home of international justice. Since the ARLT Foundation is a non-profit organisation we aim to keep registration fees to a minimum.  (Reduced registration fee to Euro 189)

Employment Opportunities

For employment, the programme opens up many opportunities in the areas of working with NGOs,  mentoring and teaching,  social care, advocacy, counselling, immigrants/refugees/displaced, business leadership,  multiculturalism training, diversity and working with peace education, gender violence, integration, radicalisation, inter-religious/ministry dialogue. It is of particular interest to those involved in: (or wishing to)  child development, legal services, development, supervisory work, health care, policing,  special needs, disability, politics and community involvement  and adult education or training.

We are changing education forever.

Countless students drop out of university each year simply because of negative evaluations and a belief that this defines their intelligence. Many more adults avoid educational institutions because they fear they will be faced with a negative self- image. The ARLT  model is different. It is  grounded in reflection and care to ensure meaningful engagement and to strengthen a positive internal voice in all learners.

Acclaimed Learning Environment

Our acclaimed international learning environment, interactive teaching and support is rarely found in the third level nor online learning. The ARLT provides personalised learning and teaching online so that students are fully engaged with their studies. The ARLT provides tutor assisted programmes as well as counsellor support throughout, courses with such support are few and far between. Our approach is about you as a whole person, this means that your personal situation and needs are given priority. Hear from some of our previous students.

Superior quality and a prestigious award:

The principal aim of the ARLT, The Hague, is to provide a first class education.  We provide exciting programmes with a fresh and innovative approach that ensures enjoyment, enriches your life, unlocks your passion and guarantees success.  You will qualify with a prestigious award that will help you stand out from the crowd in such areas as leadership skills and presentation skills, and a superb grounding in the social sciences.