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The ARLT Foundation is a non-profit organisation,  founded to promote reflective adult learning  programmes that encourage cultural understanding and tolerance. The ARLT foundation provides guidance and support to institutes, schools and organisations that are developing initiatives for tolerance, peace and conflict resolution.

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Diploma in Social Science and Counselling Skills

One academic year.
An integrated study of human behaviour.

The course is renowned  for its success in bringing awareness and understanding to many professions. It introduces the student to a fascinating range of subjects.

  • Sociology
  • Social Psychology/ Child Development
  • Anthropology
  • Counselling
  • Social Economics
  • Social History

This exciting course aims to develop your interest and enthusiasm for the Social Sciences and to prepare you for further University study. You will reflect on your life, behaviour and culture to enable you to make a positive difference in your personal and professional sphere. You will learn about counselling skills and develop interpersonal communication which is the core to all relationships.

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Cultural Anthropology and Diversity Skills for Professionals

One academic year.
An integrated study of human behaviour.

This exciting anthropology course for post-graduates runs over 12 months through distance/e-learning and the next session commences October 2020 - limited to 30 places

This will be of specific interest to people interested in Cultural Anthropology and especially for professionals, working with people from different cultures.

Participants will be presented with the Certificate for post-graduates on successful completion. It is recommended that you have already attained a Diploma Soc. Sc.(Couns) before participation in this course or have a primary degree.

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Personality Psychology

Twelve months - distance/e-learning.
Postgraduate entry only.

The five part course will explore personality development through childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age and in the final module comparisons on specific areas, critical evaluations and an opportunity for student to provide their own personal experiences.

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Diploma in Peace Studies

Offered to Governmental Departments and NGOs with no less than 20 applicants.

This course aims to prepare participants committed to cultural understanding and tolerance to become leaders and specialists in their organisation in developing and reforming curricula and incorporating peace and conflict management.

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Sociology and Psychology for Professionals

Offered to Governmental Departments and NGOs with minimum 20 applicants.

The International Foundation presents courses on sociological related themes relevant to a number of professions. These courses are primarily class based and run over three semesters.The following courses are offered. Sociology for Global Market - Certificate Course, Sociology for Community Leaders - Certificate Course, Sociology of Deviance - Certificate Course, Sociology for Health Professionals, Applied Psychology for Human Resource Management. These courses are offered to organisations with no less than 20 applicants, not to individual students.

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Hear from some of our past students

"The Dip Social Studies Programme was excellent, it was delivered with passion and warmness that changed my whole vision on diversity, culture and education. I highly recommended the programme."

Juergen Erhmann

"I wish to congratulate you and all your staff members in providing access to a thoroughly relevant and life-changing programme of education."

Alexander Woode

"Many thanks for your assistance throughout the course. I must confess that I really appreciated advice and contributions. Despite the fact that I had a background in Social Sciences having graduated with honours in Educational Management and Political Science and with a masters degree in International Relations, I still benefitted immensely from the course. It stimulated my interest in Social Care."

Tayo Tewogbade, MSc, MEd. Hons.

"I’ve found the course tremendously helpful in my writing. To have an understanding of how society works - or doesn’t work - and what makes people behave the way they do is invaluable, and it has definitely encouraged me to observe people in different ways."

Terri Shoosmith

"I applied to college to study Social Science and I was given a place on a degree course, I just want to thank you, as my tutor you have helped me progress in an area of writing essays etc and that was on my entrance exam, one of the essays was on culture of the world. I wouldn't have been accepted without your positive and excellent feedback. Thank you so much"

Trisha M.

"Dear Tutor, I’d like you to know this course has given me renewed self confidence, boosted my self esteem and hopes for the future. It has also been a source of great joy and happiness for both me and my wife when the results arrived."