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Congratulations to students who achieved a Diploma in Social Studies & Counselling Skills Programme in the academic year 2014-2015. A 94% pass rate and 91% completion rate was achieved for the year- an exceptional high performance. The Examining Board announced the following participants as Award recipients to recognise the quality and dedication of their work. ARLT Special Awards are made to recognise quality and dedication to studies of individuals or teams. The awards honour exemplary commitment to the programme of study and signals high and commendable performance within such spheres as independent thinking, academic excellence, dedication to cultural understanding, dedication to learning, reflective practice, critical thinking, general achievement and creativity.
Congratulations to students who were awarded for Academic Excellence and First Class Honours: Tina Holmberg-Kalenius, Finland, Sam van Staveren, The Netherlands, Julija Kalaputi, Macedonia and Goutam Halder, India. Awards for Reflective Practice went to Aimee Foley, Ireland Juan Carases, Spain and Essen Stolk, The Netherlands. The Corrie ten Boom Award for Cultural Understanding went to Hilary Todd, Canada.

Exceptional Student Medal Awards with First Class Honours went to : Catherine Dooley, 1st Ireland, Joakim Westgard 1st Sweden, Diane 0�۪Driscoll, 1st Ireland, Jessica Weber, 1st The Netherlands, Daryn O�۪Meara 1st Ireland, Luc Perreault, 1st France, Gerard Cosgrave 1st Ireland, Mart Moerkens, 1st Germany, John Casey 1st, Ireland, George Cohta 1st Japan, Theresa Mehegan, 1st Ireland, Mohammed Bawazir, 1st UK, Ole Sveen,1stNorway, Noreen Webster 1st Ireland, Mark Evans 1st UK, Carlos Escobar 1st Columbia, Mary Dunphy 1st Ireland, William Morgan, 1st Australia, Thomas Swinburne 1st Ireland and Linus Breedveld 1st The Netherlands.
Highly Commended Student Medal Award: went to: Charlene Vasquez, France Gabrielle Gourlie, Ireland, Fabian van Vleet, The Netherlands, Lennart Smit, The Netherlands, Catherine Robinson, Ireland, Rafaella Osberg, Sweden, Vicki Damon, Ireland, Gerald Nwoki, Nigeria and Dietrich Lojko,Germany.

Commendable Achievment Medal Awards went to: Paresh Jhapa, Quatar, Zine Mdlalo, South Africa, Mary Wickham, Canada, Andrew Fleming, UK, Anthony Onichabor, Nigeria, Bukola Owolabi Shogbesan, Nigeria, Deirdre Nagle, Ireland. Gloria Kaseem, Ireland, Lejla Zuki�� (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Deborah Bisih Albert, Liberia, Gerti Morandell, Italy, Paul Sande, South Africa, Ana Petrov, Bulgaria, Liam Farrell, Ireland, Hans Martin, Germany and Annemiek Jonke, The Netherlands, and Achaz Thorsen, Denmark.
Congratulations to all student who achieved a Diploma/Certificate in Social Studies & Counselling Skills and to all award recipients.