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ARLT Foundation in Amsterdam on November 2nd. 2014

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in the heart of Amsterdam which serves the international community living, working and studying in the Netherlands and has become an annual institution, catering for newly arrived, long-standing residents, individuals and families alike. This was a wonderful venue for an exhibition as it is of the most important and famous historical monuments of the Netherlands. The building is not only of great importance for the architecture, it also has a very interesting history and is home to many hidden treasures.

Staff were pleased to meet past and present students as well as many more expressing their interest and wish to study with ARLT Foundation. It is particularly inspiring to note the interest of students from a technological, entrepreneurial and/or science background. Many wished to gain a societal background to enhance their work within the technology sector. The ARLT Foundation will be providing over 40 student places for technological firms in the region in 2015. The ARLT Foundation encourages social entrepreneurship, which is entrepreneurship which is not solely based on providing goods or services to generate income but also focuses on positive social change. It is hoped students are enticed to improve systems, invent new approaches, and create solutions to change society for the better.

A big thank you to all ARLT staff, students, visitors and the wonderful team of expatica organisers and Beurs van Berlage.