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Best Wishes for A Happy and Inspirational 2012

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We wish all of our students a very happy, successful and inspirational 2012. A new year is time for new beginnings in all areas of life but especially in the area of learning. While many of you may find your good intentions may be somewhat diminished by flu and related fatigue, we hope that over the next few weeks that you will endeavour to persevere.

Edith Lovejoy Pierce

For Students:

Our new website is up and running for 2012
The foundation is presently being restructured due to it growth in grant assistance. The educational aspect of the foundation will be under the new entity, The International Foundation for the Advancement of Reflective Learning and Teaching. (The ARLT Foundation) which reflects the foundation's activities and core tenets. Developmental and educational grants for developing countries will remain under the auspices of Adult Education.

The logo has been redesigned in keeping with the essence of the foundation�۪s roots. The design retains the two distinguished and recognised lions. The lions are representative of the coat of arms and educational institutions of The Hague, traditionally symbolising bravery as they are regarded as the kings of beast. The lions are holding an artist�۪s impression of a Reuleaux triangle which rolls three times up and down per rotation to represent the skill of reflective thinking with three colours to represent the visualisation acquired through thinking.

The International ARLT Foundation will also be launching a Reflective Teaching Programme for the 2013-2015 academic cycle in conjunction with the promotion of public awareness of the benefits of reflective learning. The aim is to support teachers, school mentors, university tutors and curriculum developers to cultivate an effective dialogue and expertise in educational practice. The course will be of benefit to vocational and academic educators at all levels, but in particular in areas where over prescriptive curricula and assessment procedures have resulted in inhibiting the engagement of learners. The course will have three aspects: an introduction to various philosophies of education, reflective practice in the classroom, and assessment and self ��� assessment effectiveness.

For new students:
Our innovative distance learning system is student-centered and is well known for its inspirational academic methods which is unique in its personalised distance learning approach.

Our distance learning system allows you to be located anywhere in the world and to join a growing network of people wishing to gain pertinent knowledge in a growing field of study for personal and professional development.

Entry for the Diploma in Social Studies Course IS OPEN NOW. Visit:"