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Congratulations to students who achieved a Diploma in Social Studies & Counselling Skills in the spring examination.

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Congratulations to students who completed the spring examination and achieved a Diploma in Social Studies & Counselling Skills. There was a 100% pass rate and 94% completion rate. The Examining Board announced the following participants as award recipients to recognise the quality and dedication to their work. A special congratulations to Ria Gabriel (Indonesia) who received the Thorbecke award for sociological insight, Jean Masserman (The Netherlands) who was awarded the De Koning Award for dedication to learning. Academic excellence awards went to Fiona Donnelly (Ireland) and Henry Salter, (Germany), both achieving a First Class Honours. Critical thinking awards went to Alison Taft( Switzerland) and Carel Vessey (France).

Award for Reflective Practice went to Maya Ceran(Poland) who was awarded a First Class Honours.
Awards for general achievement with First Class Honours, went to Mark Kelly (Ireland).
Awards for general achievement with Second Class Honours went to Peter Cleave (UK), Anna Dumont (France), Karen Heatherington (Ireland), Annette Hyden (Germany), R�_is�_n Lally (Ireland) Karita Mossberg (Sweden) and Jonas Stromme (Norway).
All students are to be congratulated with their excellent results.