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Cultural Anthropology and Diversity Skills for Professionals Enrolling Now

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Photo: programme through e-learning is enrolling now for September Session.The programme is designed for those who already have a background in social science, (Dip.Soc.Studies (Couns (Hons) or level 7 Bachelor�۪s Degree) and is particularly relevant to professionals whose professions include working with people from diverse cultural background.Special alumni fee for students also.

The one-year programme is commencing in September and there are four modules and four assignments to be completed and a final exam consisting of one essay ( 5000 words) and a speech. Our communities have become socially and culturally diverse and it is essential in order to have effective relationships and to live in harmony to have a deep appreciation of culture. In this programme, we will be studying humanity in a way to create in our professions a more reflective view of diversity. By journeying inwards within our ourselves and by journeying outwards to other cultures we will be uncovering culture not as a means to categorise or impose labels or stereotypes on individuals or groups but to gain an awareness of humanity and its incredible and intriguing diversity.
The programme will provide an opportunity for personalised learning without restrictions from an over-prescriptive curriculum or assessment. The programme is based on reflective learning and involves contemplation and development of self.
For the professional and those in leadership roles working in a multicultural setting this postgraduate level programme will provide a useful lens with which to view behaviour.