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Diploma In Social Studies & Counselling Skills

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We are taking enrolment for the tutor-assisted e-learning/distance Diploma in Social Studies & Counselling Skills programme commencing this month. The Award of the Diploma is valuable for opening up opportunities to many professions. Partial Grants/Scholarships available.
Topics include; personality psychology, self awareness/esteem language limitations, child and adult development, tolerance, social problems, family,cultural diversity, diversity, counselling, personal deveopment etc.
Employment opportunities in human resources, cultural immigrant integration, adult educators, personnel coordinators, interviewers, cultural resource management, advice, counselling, development, human rights, ethical policy, youth work, social care,out-reach workers, recruitment/admission coordinators, social media writing, journalism, and emotional intelligence training and personal development.
Studies Pre-Masters/Masters/ Bachelors, Advanced English Language and Academic Writing Training.
Request information on our website or email (or pm your email). Also see the contact page on the website and talk to our student coordinators.
You will be commencing a programme that is in many ways life changing.
ARLT FOUNDATION,The Equinox,J.P.Coenstraat Nr.7,The Hague 2595WP
The Netherlands.
Tel: (+)31-(0)70-2500204 Email: D