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E-learning - Learn to write academically, appreciate diversity and perfect your English

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The ARLT Foundation, The Hague has a special initiative to promote a unique opportunity for non-native English speakers, though two programmes in the social sciences. The programmes are academic preparation courses and will help you acquire the proficiency in English you need for an international environment. The ARLT international learning environment and interactive teaching will help you get ready for a successful career. The international classrooms in Dutch Higher Education rank amongst the best in the world and employ innovative teaching and learning methods which most international students are not familiar with. This initiative will allow you to perfect your English.
There is no excuse with modern technology for poor English skills among non-native speakers, with the click of a button pronunciation can be improved. English's cosmopolitan nature has allowed it to become the international language of trade and commerce. To neglect the teaching of it is to place future generations at a disadvantage. Being competent in English does not mean that native language becomes neglected, in fact learning any language allows appreciation of all language.People who speak more than one language know that each language contains words and phrases that are untranslatable in a real sense and that also entire concepts unique to that tongue can create a new experience. The dominance does not force speakers of minority languages to abandon their native tongue for English.

If you think these programmes are right for you email:

The ARLT Foundation is right for you if:
You wish to be able to communicate more effectively in English (both verbal and written)
Your English needs improvement.
You like to learn about other cultures and gain a greater appreciation of your own.
You are prepared to try new and diverse learning methods.

The ARLT Foundation is not for you if:
You feel your own culture is superior to others
You are not prepared to enter into dialogue with your tutor and prefer traditional teaching methods
You are not willing to make mistakes.

We produce graduates who are comfortable working in a globalised and international world. Your will be exposed to as many international and cross-cultural experiences as possible.

All our programme are tutor assisted.
Modules and lectures: The audio lectures and beautifully presented modules will grasp your attention and you will have unlimited access to your lectures and lecturers so much so that your programme will become part of your fabric of life.
E learning resources: award winning audio lectures from Ph.D university lectures.
� Personal tutor at Master�۪s level
� Detailed feedback and personalised tuition with dialogue approach
� Personal coordinator for day to day advice and assistance
� Reflective Portfolio system for enhanced learning experience
� Telephone tuition when required
� 6 day/12 hour email service
� In addition to audio and video lectures, Modules upated (2013 editions)