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Enhance your self-efficacy through studying with ARLT

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Believing in yourself - can I learn to do so?

Yes you can, by enhancing your self-efficacy.
How to pronounce self efficacy

Self-efficacy is a person�۪s belief in his or her ability to succeed in a particular situation. Self-efficacy is a powerful factor affecting the decision to learn, the process of learning and writing, the emotional reactions, the coping, overcoming obstacles and the persistence. Bandura discusses how modelling is critical in raising self-efficacy. When observing a model, an individual can see an example of the essential skill. This process of identification serves to elevate efficacy beliefs. ���Oh, I see how she does it, I think that I can do that too�۪, and with the hope eventually, ���maybe I can do better than that.�۪ or ' I did not think of that point, I can use that' With that in mind, use your tutor's feedback and sample assignments supplied by your coordinator on request as building your self-efficacy and in relation to your studies and by doing so further enhance your self-efficacy in all areas of your life.

People with a strong sense of self-efficacy:

View assignments as tasks to be mastered
Develop deeper interest in the topics in which they are engaging in
Form a stronger sense of commitment to their work
Recover quickly from failure, setbacks and disappointments

People with a weak sense of self-efficacy:

Avoid challenging task, especially education.
Believe that learning is beyond their capabilities
Focus greatly on personal failings and negative outcomes
Easily can lose confidence in abilities

On completion of the programme it is hoped that each student will develop a stronger sense of efficacy. To fully understand the complexity you will need to go and listen to Professor's Wotson's lectures 16 and 17 on Personality and Society for an overview of Albert Bandura�۪s theory and in particular to self-efficacy.
In Bandura's words: 'Let the Force of Efficacy be with You' Read more here also:

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