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Enrolments for the Diploma in Social Studies Programme now being accepted.

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Enrolment is now being accepted immediately. If you would like to arrange a telephone call to talk through any aspect of the course, how to apply or studying by distance learning, please do call us or email to arrange a time for us to call you. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email for a personal identification number for grant support fee concession or if you would like to discuss the programme in depth.

Fees: Please note that the fees for the Dip Soc Sc. will be subject to an annual increase from March 2013 start date. If you enrol for commencement in January you can avoid the increased fee.

Why study?

Outstanding Qualification

The programme aims to equip students with the knowledge to enhance skills in the work place and provide an opportunity to progress to a satisfying and rewarding career in human resources. You qualify with a Diploma which is highly valued by employers. It will help you develop skills that will ensure you are taken seriously in your career.

Flexible Study

Studying via distance learning means you can fit your Dip.Soc.Stds. around your lifestyle and can get ahead without taking a career break. Excellent support and feedback is provided and the flexibility of our programme means you can work at your own pace. Our tutors are renowned for their commitment to students.

Excellent Support

You will benefit from studying with a non-or profit organisation that has a huge amount of experience in delivering distance learning education. Our students remain loyal to us throughout their lives and many work for us or for collaborating non profit organisation.

Reflective Learning

The ARLT provides you with an educational experience that is not to be found in any other organisation. You will be brought on a reflective journey that will change not only your attitude to learning but to life. The ARLT focuses on the advancement of reflective thinking which has brought even the most obstinate student into a passionate and successful learner.. For employment it would be beneficial in areas of human resources, social care, counselling, development and leadership. It is of particular relevance for those working in the non-profit sector such as charities and organisations for social justice and multiculturalism. The highest proportion of our students come from management in the voluntary sector who require professional development in the area of psychology, sociology and counselling.

The ARLT is a non-profit educational organisation advancing learning and teaching which is esteemed by many NGOs and academics. The programme will provide you with skills essential in working in all areas of human resources. It will appeal particularly to those who need counselling and communication skills in their work and on their CV.In addition to acquiring skills of interpersonal communication, you will be taking part in an exciting and thoroughly modern educational experience that will equip you with a prestigious and beneficial award. This course is also a stepping stone for those who want to study for a degree or acquire their training for a professional qualification in counselling or related area. Students applying should possess maturity to reflect on their own development as a person and to set career goals for the future. The programme is tutor supported with exceptional high standards and has the benefit of audio/video and written material.

Enrolments accepted Here
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