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Essay Titles on Personality and Socialisation

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An essay is an opportunity to demonstrate:
- you are able to write coherently
- you are able to develop your arguments
- you are able to consult information sources
- you are able to structure your ideas and accurately reference your work both within the main body of the essay, and in the list of references at the end of your essay
-you are able to personally engage with the material and use your knowledge to illustrate your understanding and interest

Here are some essay titles on the Personality and Society Module for you to consider how you might approach them.

Explain why sociologists suggest that socialisation is a life long process.
Illustrate how a sociological approach would make sense of either (i) your biography or (ii) a social issue of of your choice or (iii) an incident/ media report with which you are familiar.
What unique problems in relation to socialisation is a parent likely to experience in the 21st. century.

Discuss the relationship between the self concept and socialisation.
Determine whether you see evidence in any of the theories or approaches you have covered ( Cooley, Mead, Freud, Erikson etc) in your own experiences in life.
Describe the major agents of socialisation and explain their role in teaching people what they need to know to participate and contribute to society.
Discuss the importance of socialisation.

Do you think early learning experiences are crucial to the type of adults we become.
Harry Potter series of books are very popular among children. Choose one book in the series and explain why you think children become engrossed in the story with reference to sociological concepts.
You have been asked to give a talk to teenage mothers on the importance of early learning experience. What would you say and how would you make your talk interesting.
Take a chapter of socialisation from your recommended text book and comment on six themes in relation to their importance in in your life.
Present an overview of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic perspective.
Gender is innate, Discuss