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Essential Tips in Gaining Confidence to Learn

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Our feelings are triggered from thoughts that originate in our mind. Everyday we have millions of thoughts. Within five minutes, you may go from thoughts of walking on the beach, winning a Nobel Peace prize, filling the dishwasher, compiling an email, playing a tennis match, making tea, to physically harming your next door neighbour for the noise he made last night or to flash backs of a wonderful relationship. In fact, if we were to monitor any person's thoughts in the course of a day we might rightly conclude that the person belonged behind bars or in a mental institution. Yet, we can be so attached to out thoughts as if they were set set in stone when in fact they are like clouds in the sky, simply passing by. If for example, you fear a poor grade, accept the possibility of a poor grade and how you are going to deal with the vulnerability that invokes in you. Why not consider that the poor grade is not a reflection of you, it is simply an assessment on reaching a number of targets that you have not fully reached? It is a means for you to achieve goals you may not yet even have set for yourself. If you are not achieving what you wish to nor are you focussing effectively accept and get familiar with your vulnerability so that it does not catch you off-guard. By doing so you will begin to change the way you think and thrive in many ways.

you can make yourself study.youThe confident student. Boston, MA: Wadsworth.

Written by CP Crean, tutor ARLT Foundation.