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Fears about immigration have shaken Europe to its core. Has anywhere got it right?

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he Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World, Saul warned that globalism was already collapsing and that if we did not act quickly we would be caught in a crisis and limited to emergency reactions. In his 2008 national bestseller, A Fair Country: Telling Truths about Canada, Saul argued that Canada is a m̩tis nation, heavily influenced and shaped by aboriginal ideas: egalitarianism, a proper balance between individual and groups, and a penchant for negotiation over violence are all aboriginal values that Canada absorbed.He has published six novels, including The Birds of Prey, as well as The Field Trilogy, which deals with the crisis of modern power and its clash with the individual. His most recent work of fiction is Dark Diversions, a picaresque novel in which he observes the life of modern nouveaux riches Americans.enlarging the circle. It was gradually absorbed and became an unconscious part of the Canadian method, even if mid-19th Century immigrants, particularly from Britain, betrayed these agreements, approaches and treaties as they attempted to enforce the triumphant ideas of the European empires. On the other hand, this last half century has seen a return of Indigenous influence and with it a conscious sense of the influence of their ideas on Canadian immigration policies. And in part these Indigenous roots explain current policies. Talking before a government commission in the 1970s, Grand Chief John Kelly put it this way - ���As the years go by, the circle of the Ojibway gets bigger and bigger. Canadians of all colours and religions are entering the circle. You might feel that you have roots somewhere else, but in reality, you are right here with us.�۝ The outcome has been a conscious sense of how people can and will be truly welcomed on a regular and ongoing basis. As for the European or Westphalian idea of the monolithic nation-state, it played little role in all of this.This piece was originally titled "Immigration and Citizenship: Comparing policies in Canada, Germany and Europe", and first appeared in Der Spiegel as "Lasst sie in die Zukunft schauen".


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