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How to Connect with Yourself and Others

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A counsellor needs to be able to grow as a person continuously. Many societies today are preoccupied with the development of cognitive skills in school children so much so that intellectual skills are equated with intelligence (IQ). Studies (Flynn 1987, 1998) has pointed out that IQ has been rising roughly by 9 points per generation( 30 years). Yet the increasing IQ has not improved people�۪s happiness. Everyone has qualities and potentialities that are dormant and the person best equipped to help others is the one who has worked on his/her own limitations. By placing emphasis on the desire for improvement for the benefit of others, we make room for personal growth. The easiest way to stifle our own growth and that of others is to centre attention on trivial aspects of behaviour and avoid issues that stimulate self-awareness.

Below are two sets of questions, the first set is to help you develop self awareness and the second set is help you to connect at a deeper level with others.

Questions for Deeper Connection with Others