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Karim Sulayman - I trust you

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Karim Sulayman is an Arab-American tenor from the US. Ten days after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Sulayman stands blindfolded outside Trump International Hotel in Central Park West in New York City and asks strangers to trust him. The video is set to Sulayman singing Sinead O�۪Connor�۪s ���In this Heart�۝

Blindfolded outside Trump International Hotel in New York City, Sulayman held a handwritten poster board sign. It read:

"Hello, my name is Karim and I am Arab-American. Like many people who are black, brown, women, LGBTQIA, Latinix, Muslim, Jewish, immigrants and Other, I am very scared. We are anxious and uneasy in our own country and it's difficult to see what lies ahead for us. But, I have hope that I am safe with you. Together, we can build a community of caring, rather than one of fear. You can trust me to care for you no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you are from. Will you embrace me as willingly as I embrace you? Will you shake my hand and/or hug me and/or take a photo with me and post it as a sign that I am safe here with you? I trust you."

Many took photos, some hugged, but everyone who passed by took notice.