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Meeting with acclaimed author Michael Cunningham

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On Friday, 16 December 2011, Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham will discuss his impressive oeuvre in The Hague with Maria Vlaar. Cunningham�۪s best known work is The Hours, the novel for which he was awarded, among other accolades, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. His other bestsellers include Flesh and Blood and the more recent By Nightfall.

Cunningham is a master at portraying lives that look very ordinary from the outside. However, by revealing the tremendous, interwoven range of feelings that underlie the choices made by his characters, Cunningham elegantly and concisely shows us the essence of modern Western life.The programme was partly made possible by the international Passaporta of Literature in Brussels.

���What do you do when you�۪re no longer the hero of your own story? That jolt, that upending realisation that your life is just a stream of small dreams and small mistakes, is a defining theme in Cunningham�۪s coruscatingly excellent fiction. Extraordinary.�۪ Library journal

When: Friday, 16 December 2011 ~ 20.30
Where: Central library,