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Motivation for elearning / distance learning, Is it for me?

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Taking the first step is often the most difficult.

The ARLT programme in Social Studies is now filling up for this session and grant applications will close on February 20th. The programme is fully supported online with 24 hour access and printed material is provided as well.

A background in the social sciences provides you with a strong liberal arts background essential in many areas of employment: social services, business, hospitals, schools, community organisations, foundations, charities, law enforcement etc. Many fields, among them public relations, sales, broadcasting, media, human resources and social care now require an understanding of diverse groups in multicultural societies.

Moreover, your study requires accomplishment and skills in communication, interpersonal skills, reflective and critical thinking ��� job related skills that give social science graduates a distinct advantage over pure technical studies. Many students go on to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. Whether you take a Diploma or Degree you will benefit from the skills in human behaviour which are so essential in the expanding global economy ��� skills all of us need to adapt to social change and assist us in taking advantage of new employment opportunities.

As a result of the recent recession many people are realising that new global realities are affecting many areas of their lives, economic, social, political and cultural. These realities have profound implications for human rights, business, education, families and life in general. Our thinking has been traditionally based on habit, on fixed patterns and procedures. But with incessant social change we require skills of adaptability. At The International ARLT Foundation we are convinced that by applying deep reflective skills, individuals can develop competencies essential for adaptation which are developed from within rather than being enforced from external sources.

Much lip service is given to ���lifelong learning�۝. But many of us, see the word as intimidating. It makes us feel guilty that we are in some ways required to be on a conveyor belt that is going to lead us to achievement or even more likely, at worst prevent us from falling into the unemployment trap. The reason for this is that we feel manipulated from external influences, we see it as a way to whip us into place. It is only when we develop motivation from deep within ourselves that we can really become lifelong learners in a real sense.

Like other areas in life whether it is being a loving parent, a devoted son or daughter, a zealous employee, a keen athlete or passionate in our interests, we feel a deep bond or connection in all these areas out of an intense emotional connection within us, not because we are required or coerced to do so.

It is expected that through this programme, you will develop a deep desire for learning through reflection and understanding and become a ���lifelong learner�۪ in a real sense.


You are interested in earning your qualification while maintaining a demanding job or lifestyle.
You are already a professional, have a full-time job and responsibilities, but are looking for a way to earn additional qualifications to update your CV within the framework of an already busy schedule.
You have always wanted a degree but never had the opportunity because of work.
You are goal-oriented and prefer a self-paced learning style.
You like to get fully involved with your study but on your terms.
You like to listen to lectures as well as to read, and you like the idea of repeating lectures so that you can fully understand.
A technologically-based approach to higher education appeals to you.
You�۪re in need of qualification in order to advance in a current career or be qualified for a different career and to show employers you are a lifelong learner in the real sense of the word.
You desire the convenience and flexibility that online programmes offer, course material that is accessible 24/7, and straightforward, Web-based contact with professors and fellow students.
Interacting with both geographically diverse students and professors appeals to you.
You dislike or don�۪t have time for the hassle of a daily there-and-back commute to college.
You like to have time to think about questions you want to ask and time to answer questions.
You want to show your children by example that life longer learning is now a part of life and that qualifications need to be continuously supplemented and that what is important is the learning and development. A qualification should not be a cul-de-sac but a step on the journey.
In particular the International Foundation for the Advancement for Reflective Learning and Teaching will provide you a learning experience that will benefit you not only professionally but personally as well.