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During the recent conference in Adult Education (March 2011) sixty scholarships (E2) tenable for the Social Studies Diploma are offered on a first come and first served basis for the forthcoming session. There are 35 remaining. To be eligible to receive a scholarship a student must have an annual income of less than euro 36.0000 and are not in possession of a post graduate qualification (MA, Ph.D). (Applicants with Level 8 Bachelors Honours are eligible for grants assistance).
Benefits of the Diploma in Social Studies:
o A Sociological and Psychological background sought in all human resource employment
o An Awareness and Sensitivity to many forms of diversity for service or care positions
o Advanced Communication skills and writing proficiency for communication positions and internet resource work
o Greater Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal understanding for dealing with people.
o Confidence and evidence of endurance and commitment to lifelong learning
o A Qualification which makes a statement that you are a Critical Thinker, embodying self-motivation and high standards
o More Effective skills in Business and Personal Relationships
o A Prestigious Award to further your career and learning opportunities

By participating in the programme you will be able to build an extensive portfolio which will allow you to demonstrate your skills and understanding for work experience, employment, promotion and participation in education.
We seek to support you in the professional and personal development of your skills, attitudes and knowledge to achieve your personal objectives and your career priorities.
Social Studies graduates have over the last two decades contributed immensely to social justice and in areas of conflict management and communication studies.
We guarantee that you will enjoy your study and that it will be a life changing experience.
The Foundation is a non profit organisation and is renowned for its educational programme worldwide and for its principles and values of social justice which its students obtain.