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Graduate course work in social science will empower me with a fundamental understanding of theories and approaches and social principles, I have sought diligently to apply these principles in my life, and this should be evident in my academic and civic records. Upon graduating from International ARLT Foundation I plan to seek a legal education with emphasis in developmental law.I will be equipped with the skills necessary to make a difference in the field of social & developmental, natural recourse and the ability to work collaboratively with others. In addition, as an active and dedicated citizen, I hope to teach and educate both students and professionals about the importance of conservation, proper developmental and resource management.My goal is to someday be a part of developing solutions to problems like Somalia�۪s, so that here children and grandchildren don�۪t have to bear those burdens.Having recently been made a father, I see the future in my daughter�۪s eyes. My greatest hope is that like those eyes, her future and the future in Somalia�۪s children will be full of sparkle, joy, and opportunity.In a case of working in Egypt it�۪s difficult to get work here due to have a permanent work letter from the government and some of them are specific in Egyptian citizen that is why I can�۪t afford to pay this tuition fee, so, please as much as you can I would like funding. I wish to have strong background and I am looking forward to having such an opportunity for the graduate study with ARLT Foundation."

Fund Abdiwahab and Enrol automatically in the Certificate in Cultural Patterns & Personality Psychology

Module 1 Cultures of The World - A love affair with Humanity

Over seven billion people on the earth today are members of a single biological species, Homo Sapiens, yet we display profound differences. This module introduces you to the study of culture which is essential for an understanding the basis of behavior. By coming to grips with the study of culture you will develop greater sensitivity to cultural contexts. Our communities have become socially and culturally diverse and it is essential in order to have effective relationships and to live in harmony to have a deep appreciation of culture. By journeying inwards within our ourselves and by journeying outwards to other cultures we will be uncovering culture not as a means to categorise or impose labels or stereotypes on individuals or groups but to gain an awareness of humanity and its incredible and intriguing diversity. We will be drawing particularly from cultural anthropology, sociology and medical ethics. Among the concepts you will be introduced to are ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, autonomy, prejudice, iceberg concept of culture and cultural intelligence. Assignment 1

Module 2

Personality Psychology

We all have negative emotions and personal issues that can be improved to greatly benefit our lives and those of our loved ones. This module gives you an introduction to personality psychology and therapy which will help you conquer negative emotions, provide reassurance when you are facing difficult situations, nurture and raise children in a way that will maximise their potential and happiness throughout their lives. It introduces the student to socialisation and to theories of personality (Freud, Bowlby etc.). Key themes are the development of individual personality, isolated children, gender issues, shyness, child development, adult transitions, ageing, self esteem and confidence. This module includes developing steps in leadership. (This module is presented with award winning online audio lectures for students with internet access). Assignment 1