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Student Entry: Personal thoughts on my education

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Student Entry: Personal thoughts on my education

Michael Ogbuachi, a student of the Foundation writes about what education means to him. Michael was a awarded a Second Class Honours and has kindly contributed to Social Studies newsletter.

When I was a little boy in Africa, my father created in me, a big interest for education and I always stayed close to him at his free moments after a day's work, His name was Michael too. He had a special love for education and had wanted me to be educated. "Michael read your books and if you can maintain a position between first and fifth, I will buy you a bicycle for you" That was in fact a big incentive to me and I had to strive hard to get it. I actually made it at last, for I succeeded in catching the third position in my class at the end of a school year and my father fulfilled his promise to me. It was not the end of it, for in my first year at secondary school he said to me"If you finish your secondary school you can travel overseas to the West for your higher education.

At that point, it felt like I had to serve two masters- to struggle hard and finish my secondary education successfully and to satisfy the dreams of my father. Even though he did not live to see the project through but I actually made it work the way he proposed against all the odds. It was not an easy thing to do because the financial support from my father had been cut off. I managed to get a job with United African Company, I worked for six years earning enough for my higher education. What gave me the courage to do this was I imagined how I could be living in a foreign land, in a society far from mine, a society with a different culture of my own.

I never even thought about the hardship that I would face in another man's land because I was blindfolded with the joy of seeing myself in another land and being educated. All I had in my brain which of course which influenced me even more was the old proverb; " A traveler sees and knows much more than the grey herdsman". And with it I had always believed I would be full of knowledge and wisdom when I would have done the trip. I would return home to settle, educated and wise. I wanted this more than anything in the world. Education is king and whoever has it has a key to happiness and success. To me it is the valuable and precious thing that can be.

Education does not only mean studying and passing examination, it also involves modification of character and personality of an individual. For example one may be living as a street boy or a club girl without being conscious of what you are doing because of the environment one is exposed to. I can bear witness to what education has done for me. It has actually made me (in particular the International Foundation, The Hague, Social Studies, course) not only know what I want for my person, but also who I am. In particular it has given me the understanding and wisdom I have sought. It has exposed me to culture making me understand my own culture, my life, my childhood, my experiences and my dreams better.

Thank you Michael for writing for the Newsletter.