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Caroline Healey from Ireland speaks of her experience ��� I was discussing the problem of unemployment with a friend of mine. I spoke about the social aspect of the rate of unemployment and my friend replied, 'I've never thought about it in that way.' This phrase encapsulates my overall experience of the Social Studies and Counselling Course. My perception of the world around me has been totally altered and I can't believe how enlivened I feel personally, socially and intellectually from my studies. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have studied a course as robust and personally challenging as the one provided by the ARLT foundation. I was drawn to the course initially because of the flexibility that it provided and was guided every step of the way by my wonderful tutor. Nothing could have prepared me for the love of learning that the course instilled in me. I am now preparing to go back to University to get my degree thanks to my studies in the social sciences. This course has quite literally changed my life! I am so very thankful and enlightened by my studies and I would encourage anyone interested in improving themselves and their studies to consider a course with the ARLT, I'm delighted that I did!�۝