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Clarify your Values

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Clarify Your Values


Values can provide motivation. Ask yourself: is this really important to you? What really matters to you?  You may well find that what really matters does not reflect your life. If you do discover what truly matters how would doing this make a positive difference in your life? If we can link our new behaviour to something personally meaningful, we’re far more likely to do it! Many people try to motivate themselves through being harsh and critical of themselves and this does not work but as you will see through your studies you need to treat yourself with compassion and kindness.

Below are some common values.

Please read through the list and add whatever ones you wish and  write a letter next to each value, based on how important it is to you: V = very important, Q = quite important, and N = not important and then jot down what you really care about

  1. Acceptance/self-acceptance: to be accepting of myself, others, life, etc.
  2. Adventure: to be adventurous; to actively explore novel or stimulating experiences
  3. Assertiveness: to respectfully stand up for my rights and request what I want
  4. Authenticity: to be authentic, genuine, and real; to be true to myself
  5. Caring/self-care: to be caring toward myself, others, the environment, etc.
  6. Compassion/self-compassion: to act kindly toward myself and others in pain
  7. Connection: to engage fully in whatever I’m doing and be fully present with others
  8. Contribution and generosity: to contribute, give, help, assist, or share
  9. Cooperation: to be cooperative and collaborative with others
  10. Courage: to be courageous or brave; to persist in the face of fear, threat, or difficulty
  11. Creativity: to be creative or innovative
  12. Curiosity: to be curious, open-minded, and interested; to explore and discover
  13. Encouragement: to encourage and reward behavior that I value in myself or others
  14. Excitement: to seek, create, and engage in activities that are exciting or stimulating
  15. Fairness and justice: to be fair and just to myself or others
  16. Fitness: to maintain or improve or look after my physical and mental health
  17. Flexibility: to adjust and adapt readily to changing circumstances
  18. Freedom and independence: to choose how I live and help others do likewise
  19. Friendliness: to be friendly, companionable, or agreeable toward others
  20. Forgiveness/self-forgiveness: to be forgiving toward myself or others
  21. Fun and humor: to be fun loving; to seek, create, and engage in fun-filled activities
  22. Gratitude: to be grateful for and appreciative of myself, others, and life
  23. Honesty: to be honest, truthful, and sincere with myself and others
  24. Industry: to be industrious, hardworking, and dedicated
  25. Intimacy: to open up, reveal, and share myself, emotionally or physically
  26. Kindness: to be kind, considerate, nurturing, or caring toward myself or others
  27. Love: to act lovingly or affectionately toward myself or others or to find people you can love
  28. Learning:  to enhance your knowledge and skills
  29. Mindfulness: to be open to, engaged in and curious about the present moment
  30. Order: to be orderly,  organised and things in place
  31. Persistence and commitment: to continue resolutely, despite problems or difficulties.
  32. Respect/self-respect: to treat myself and others with care and consideration
  33. Responsibility: to be responsible and accountable for my actions
  34. Safety and protection: to secure, protect, or ensure my own safety or that of others
  35. Sensuality and pleasure: to create or enjoy pleasurable and sensual experiences
  36. Sexuality: to explore or express my sexuality
  37. Skillfulness: to continually practice and improve my skills and apply myself fully
  38. Supportiveness: to be supportive, helpful and available to myself or others
  39. Trust: to be trustworthy; to be loyal, faithful, sincere, and reliable
  40. Other: _______________________________________________________
  41. Other: _______________________________________________________